To keep a fast operating web site, you should have a plain and well crafted backend code. Inside the Online Control Panel, you can find a set of tools that can assist you boost your site’s effectiveness while not having to revise anything within the back–end code. The Website Accelerator Programs – Varnish, Node.js, and Memcached won’t only enable you to deliver faster streaming speeds to your website visitors and consequently minimize site exit percentage, but may also drive your website higher in the search engine results positioning.

To implement the Website Accelerator Programs, just simply sign into your Online Control Panel and create an instance for the accelerator you want.


RAM–saving in place of database requests

When you’ve got a data–base–dependent website or app, and data–base queries frequently decrease the efficiency, this can be really annoying for the web–site visitors and the application consumers. Seeking out a remedy normally can demand a great deal of time. Nonetheless, inside the Brooksville Cloud Web Store Online Control Panel, you will discover a resolution for you.

Memcached is a simple, yet robust memory–based object store, that memorizes information and objects within the RAM. Using this method, the database–stored information on your web site does not need to be querried each time a customer loads the exact same web page.

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RAM–saving as an alternative to HTTP requests

While using the Varnish web accelerator instrument included in the Online Control Panel, you can easily make your site webpages stream more rapidly for your customers. All of the configuration settings are carried out through a convenient to use interface, without the need to generate any immediate changes to the code of the site.

Varnish is really an HTTP acceleration tool that helps all pages stream quicker by storing them in the server’s RAM. That way, right after a page has been opened by a visitor one time, it won’t have to be delivered from the server any longer, which will decreases loading time and boosts your pages. It’s been measured that Varnish in general quickens website speed times with a factor of 300 – 1000x.

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Create scalable applications without hassle

Node.js provides an up–to–date encoding platform for building adaptable web apps and websites in a short time span. It could be used for almost anything – from managing API calls, streaming documents and parsing email messages to converting photos, music files, online videos and office docs.

It is using the Google V8 JavaScript engine and additionally makes use of an event–based, non–blocking I/O model that makes it light and efficient. Also, Node.js provides a big supportive community that produces regular enhancements for the system and is also always able to assist.

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